It’s been a while…

Hey guys!

I know you haven´t heard from me in a while, but what can I say? Life has been crazily busy… In a good way though. But where to start?

Now that the second semester has started, time rushes by even fast than it did before. My schedule is Marketing, Theatre, French II and German advanced (hahah..).

Marketing gave me the possibility to participate in DECA and compete at Virginia Beach against other Schools from this state. My group created an advertising campaign for a business and we presented that in front of judges. The winning people or teams can compete at internationals which will be in Orlando, FL in a couple of week. We didn’t make it, which is totally fine, I got to experience it anyways and I made a lot of friends on that weekend. Unfortunately I got sick during that time, which shows though, that other Exchange students didn´t lie when they said that teachers in the Unted States are more like „friends“ rather than teachers. My marketing teacher and our advisor took great care of me and even offered to drive me all the way home (which would´ve been a car ride of minimum 4h). Of course I stayed, but she was really nice.

Then next, my theatre class. I honestly never thought I would have fun performing. I definitely changed my mind. And I just chose that class because my counsellor accidently signed me up for the weight lifting class, so there weren´t any other „great“ choices. I didn´t want to take any math classes and I had english in my first semester, so I was just kinda stuck with theatre. Best decision ever, do not regret it at all! First of, it is now the most fun class I have ever had, second of all I made soo many lovely friends and third of all it took away my fear of having to present things in front of people.

Now my two language classes. I studied French like what, for 6 years? Maybe even for 7 years now? But since I am going to go to the „Gymnasium“ this summer, it was important for me to stick with French in order to not forget a whole lot. Granted, yes, it´s an easy class, but there´s nothing wrong with that. Turned out that I have a bunch of friends now in this class that I can´t imagine having to live without. And I took the German class, because I think it´s interesting to see how Americans teach it, to tell people in that class how I live in Germany, what my daily life looks like, and just help them in class. I surely do not regret any of my choices.

Unfortunately, cheerleading is over now. It was only for the Basketball season. I met so many people, learned how important teamwork is and what it means to be part of something great. I am so thankful for everything I’ve learned, for the experiences I made and every single person who kept telling me, „You got this, Shelly!“. One memorbale night was senior night. It´s when the Seniors on the cheer and Basketball Teams get called out and everyone is cheering for them. As you know, I am a Junior. But my lovely Coach had a surprise for me. When all the seniors were standing on the court and people were taking pictures of them having a picture frame with some of there pictures while playing (or cheering) and having balloons in their hands, my Coach came up to me and handed me a blue colored, star shaped balloon. What that means?? I got to go on the court, in front of all the people! Normally, the Seniors parents´are with them on the Basketball court. Now, my parents weren´t there. So all the Junior and Sophomore Cheerleaders took my Hands and walked with me to the middle of the court. Our athetlic director came to me and even handed me a picture frame with picture of me cheering. He said he was glad to have me at the School and hoped I was having a great time. Another person told the crowd my name and said that I was an Exchange Student from Germany. It was such an amazing moment. My friends next to me, a balloon in my hand as well as a picture frame. I couldn´t help but cry. Happy tears of course. I was the happiest girl on earth.

Time has passed by so even Spring Break ended yesterday. What I did? Oh.. You know.. My hast family andI I just went to FLORIDA!!!! How awesome is that, huh?! Yeah, we spent a whole week in Panama City. The beach, the sun, the ocean, and my american mom, dad and sister with me. It was a dream coming true. We did so many things. One day, we took a shuttle boat went to Shell Island. So beautiful. The ocean was cristal clear, the beach was white as snow. We even saw dolphins! One day, we even rented a boat and went to the back of Shell Island. We found all kinds of crabs and other animals from the sea which we couldn´t really identify. It was stunning! I don´t have any words to describe it. On the Pier, we found a German Restaurant and checked it out. Finally a Jägerschnitzel! Yummy. We did so many other great things. Comment below if you want to hear more about it!

In Washington DC, the Cherry Blossom Festival attracts people from all over the world. If you don´t know what that is, that´s totally fine, my host mom explained it to me. So, yeeeears ago Japan send these trees to the United States as a gift. But they had bugs all over so they had to burn them. Japan took more care of them and send a couple of years later another 3,000 trees. Without bugs this time. Americans planted them all the way around by the Washington Memorial etc. Now around this time of the year, they bloom in these beautiful white and pink-ish colors. It`s stunning. The United States and Japan celebrate their friendship and people from everywhere come and just sit on the grass, have a picknick, have a good time. That´s what we did yesterday. At the last day of spring break, we went to DC to look at the cherry blossoms. I am so thankful that my host Family shows me so many great things. It´s not only great to look at but it has such an important history which I didn´t know of. It´s so much fun learning new things every day.

So.. That´s just a quick summary of what happened the last couple of months. As of right now, my last day of school is in 1 month and 30 days, my sister will come and pick me up in 74 days, my sister, my host sister and I are leaving the USA in 84 days and Clara, my host sister, will leave my house in Germany in 125 days. Time flies when you´re having fun!
Hope you liked my blog, let me know if you have any questions!

See you soon,


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