Time flies, when you are having fun.

Can’t believe 2014 is almost over.
Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, everything went by way too fast.

I will never forget how much I enjoyed Thanksgiving. The realxed athomsphere the whole day, having the family close, having a big dinner and the Black Friday Shopping the next day. And then, suddenly, it’s already Christmas Break.

I had a great Christmas Eve and Day! My family and I had a big dinner on Christmas Eve. But before that, I skyped with my parents. So this way, I was part of their Christmas too and I was with them, when they opened their presents. And then, my host dad and I watched some Christmas movies. And after the dinner, everyone opened one Christmas present. The next day in the morning we all got up early so that we were ready for the day at 8 am. The next thing was very special and meant a lot to me: My host mother told me to bring the laptop downstairs. I didn’t know why, but I just did it. Then she told me to bring up skype, so we can spend some time with my parents too! I loved that idea. Both families spent Christmas Morning together! We ate a piece of cake, sang ‘’Happy Birthday’’, we prayed and then my host dad read a paragraph from the Bible. And my parents could take part! I really enjoyed that. Then, after skyping for a little bit, we made tea and walked to the Christmas Tree to open presents. We took our time and took some breaks to have breakfast or another cup of tea. I really, really loved it. And it was interesting to celebrate it in the morning. But it was very nice. I was very happy that my parents’ Christmas package arrived just in time, because they sent a lot of presents for us. In the afternoon, we went to the movies to watch ‘’Unbroken’’, but it was sold out, so we had to wait a little bit (2 hours….). But that was okay, we played pool and talked a lot.

Now it’s almost New Year’s. We’ll go to D.C. so I get to see the White House’s Christmas Tree. I believe that the American families don’t celebrate New Years as much as we Germans do, at least not with fireworks. But oh well, it’s a new experience too and I am pretty excited.

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